Comic 206 - page 204

14th Aug 2016, 2:34 PM
page 204
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pkrankow 14th Aug 2016, 5:00 PM edit delete reply
3 humans?
TiredTait 14th Aug 2016, 7:47 PM edit delete reply
Either a flashback, or sam is about to be a few steps closer to being a true endling.
Tursiops 14th Aug 2016, 8:59 PM edit delete reply
texsoroban 15th Aug 2016, 8:41 AM edit delete reply
now this is something I was not expecting..
texsoroban 16th Aug 2016, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
the bullet holes in the wall do not bode well for our protagonists.
SVGeezer 16th Aug 2016, 6:36 AM edit delete reply
They all look so, so, HUMAN!

(Is that even Earth?)